Automatic Motion Analysis

Object tracking without markers Object tracking with markers
foot tracking without marker
foot tracking with marker

The motion analysis software WINanalyze tracks objects in digital image sequences and delivers an analysis of the object motion.
Object tracking happens automatically and there is no more need for inconvenient manual data input.


  • Highly sophisticated image processing algorithms
  • As well applicable without markers
  • Analyzing AVI sequences and other movie formats
  • Analyzing panning and zooming camera recordings
  • Optional preprocessing of the image sequences
  • Object tracking in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space
  • Subpixel accuracy tracking
  • Calculation and analysis of e.g. velocity, acceleration and angles
  • Calculation and analysis of e.g. centers of mass with body models
  • Usable together with high-speed cameras, high-resolution cameras and conventional video cameras as well as with camcorders and videotape recorders
  • Easy-to-use interface


Working with the program WINanalyze
Interfaces for other applications
Details on the algorithms
tracked foot


Setting an object and tracking it
Connecting objects
Playing a stick-figure
Playing a sequence and showing the frame numbers
From setting an object to the analysis

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